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Childbirth & Postpartum Preparation


Online Courses

Begin preparing for your birth and postpartum transition! The Rhythm of Birth and Postpartum Journey preparation is divided into three courses. Modules will be sent weekly to your inbox so you can begin preparing at your own pace. There are PDF downloads to help you as you prepare to enter into parenthood. You will learn how to: develop a pain coping mindset for labor, transition from pregnancy to postpartum, uncover the myths about the postpartum period, find the support and services to help you in the early days, cope with the unexpected through preterm-labor, miscarriage, or stillbirth, prepare your heart emotionally for birth and parenthood, ease your mind for labor and embrace a blissful postpartum!

Course 1: A Unique Childbirth Preparation Experience

This preparation focuses on helping you cultivate a pain-coping mindset and preparing your heart and soul emotionally and mentally for the experience of labor. Together, we explore ways to work with these sensations of labor without creating suffering. This course will help you prepare for the intensity of birth by: learning the difference between pain and suffering. learning valuable pain coping practices through live Zoom video calls. preparing your heart and mind through processes and story through pre-recorded videos.


Postpartum Journey Courses

Course 2: Postpartum Journey- Preparing Prenatally for Postpartum

Postpartum Journey will uncover the myths about postpartum. 

In this course, you will begin preparing your heart emotionally for the postpartum transition by hearing part one of a Great Story about a woman named Inanna. You will learn how her journey parallels the journey of birth. 

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Course 3: Your Postpartum Journey

In this course, you begin with part two of Inanna’s journey as she makes her return which is symbolic of your postpartum return after birth.

There is deep symbolism represented in Inanna’s journey that parallels your soul journey.

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