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Childbirth & Postpartum Preparation

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Being pregnant, you enter a whole new world! It is exciting and can feel overwhelming. You may be feeling a bit anxious as you anticipate your birth and the transition of having a baby. This is normal! I will guide you to prepare for birth and postpartum. You will feel confident and ready to birth and care for your baby!

As you begin to feel kicks and wiggles of your baby, your focus shifts to giving birth. What about the pain?  In course one of a three part series, you will learn valuable pain coping practices to help you cope with the pain of labor. . . and much more.


Getting closer to your birth, your anticipation grows to meet your little one!  In course two, your focus will begin shifting to preparing for life with your baby. 

You are very close to your due date or maybe already snuggling your baby in your arms!  In course three, you learn practical ways to care for your baby and ways to mentally embrace the joys and challenges of motherhood.